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Bourne Grammar School

Sixth Form Dress Guidelines

There is no Sixth Form uniform. This is one of the big changes you experience as you move from Year 11 to Year 12.

The guiding principle for dress in the Sixth Form is that you should wear clothes which are smart and not casual. So you may choose clothes in which you feel comfortable and which reflect your personality, style and preference.

Students should wear a suit with shirt and tie or blazer with tailored trousers and shirt and tie. The tie may be a conventional tie or a bow-tie.


Students can wear a formal suit, skirt and blouse with or without a jacket/jumper, non-casual trousers or a dress. In the summer you can wear a summer dress provided that it is not too revealing. By all means embrace your choice of fashion as long as it is essentially formal, not casual, in nature. Clothing that is too short, too tight or too revealing is not appropriate.

Because we are all here for the serious business of your Sixth Form education, students may not wear casual clothes such as, for example:

·         Jeans, denim jackets

·         Leggings, shorts

·         Casual clothing such as T-shirts with overt branding or logos

·         Casual footwear such as trainers, flip-flops

·         Ripped items of clothing.

Any tattoo must be covered by clothing.