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Years 7-9

Year 7 aims to ease the transition between primary and secondary school. Students are not set in Year 7 and initially study the important groundwork of Mathematics such as written calculations, fractions and ratio. Throughout Years 7-9, students are assessed at the end of every two topics to check students' understanding. As students progress through the years, more emphasis is placed on the more challenging skills such as algebra and trigonometry. All curriculum information and revision resources are available on the Maths department website 

Years 10-11

Students progress through the GCSE course AQA (8300) and have a series of formal assessments to prepare them for their final exams occurring mid-way through Year 10, at the end of Year 10 and in their mock examinations in the second term of Year 11. The course includes a significant amount of problem-solving. Further information is available on the website

Year 12-13

Students study the OCR (H240) A-level qualification using the integral platform to support them alongside lessons. Some students also study the Further Mathematics A-Level (OCR H245). The course aims to prepare students for Mathematics degrees or other Maths-based industries such as science and engineering. Further information is available from the website