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Dress Guidelines

Please see the link below for a PDF version of the Sixth Form Dress Code which includes numerous examples of suitable and unsuitable school attire. 

Great importance is attached to a smart appearance and students are expected to wear correct Sixth Form dress at all times. The dress code for all students is based on formal wear and allows students to maintain individuality. Student dress is important in order to nurture a smart and purposeful learning environment, whilst also providing role models for younger students.

All Sixth Form students must wear a jacket and choose from:

  • Formal trousers paired with shirt and tie,
  • Formal skirt/trousers paired with a blouse/plain jumper/smart top,
  • Formal dress.


  • Skirt and dress must be below the fingertips when standing
  • Plain jumpers/cardigans/plain knitted jumpers without logos are permitted over a shirt and tie/blouse, in addition to the jacket/tailored blazer/suit jacket
  • Backs must be covered at all times
  • Shoes or boots must be formal (e.g. brogues, small heeled shoes, flat shoes or Dr Marten type shoes). Shoes or boots should be of a dark neutral colour. e.g. black, brown or dark grey. If worn, sandals need to be strapped to the ankle
  • Students are not permitted to wear coats during lessons
  • Tattoos must be covered
  • Ear piercings are allowed as is a single nose stud
  • Hair must be of a natural colour – if dyed it must resemble a natural hair colour
  • Lanyards must be worn at all times whilst on the school site - a charge will be made for a replacement lanyard

Clothes/items that are not permitted:

  • Tops with thin straps, unless covered by jumper/cardigan
  • T-shirts
  • Crop tops which expose the midriff, no low cut neck lines
  • No overt logos on any items of clothing
  • Joggers, hoodies, leggings, cargo trousers, shorts, leg-warmers or sweatpants
  • Denim or any leather-type clothing
  • Over the knee socks or fish-net style tights
  • Casual footwear: trainers, flip-flops, canvas shoes and boots (e.g. Vans, Converse type)
  • No sweatshirts/athletic brands
  • No : eyebrow piercings, ear tunnels, tapers or septum piercing

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. 

Websites and shops recommended by our sixth formers for high quality, yet fashionable, business attire: H&M, ASOS, M&S, Next, New Look, Primark, Depop/Vinted.

Where a student is in any doubt over the suitability of any item of clothing or aspect of the Sixth Form Dress Code, they are strongly advised to take the advice of a member of the Sixth Form Team before making a purchase.