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Admission into Year 7 (11+ entry)

11+ Admissions Test Registration

Please only register students who are currently in Year 5 for the 11+ Admissions Test.

Click here to register your child for the 11+ Admissions Test

Parents need to be aware that, for the purpose of admissions, the School takes as the home address the place of residence where the pupil lives for the majority of the school term time with a parent who has parental responsibility as defined in the Children Act 1989.   You should contact the School (01778 422288) if you require further information or clarification on how this policy operates.

The Year 7 Admissions Test involves a Verbal Reasoning test and a Non-Verbal & Spatial Reasoning test, held on adjacent Saturday mornings at the School.  The tests are agreed by the Consortium of Lincolnshire Grammar Schools.  11+ testing in 2024 for entry into Year 7 in 2025 is as follows:

Verbal Reasoning test - Saturday 14 September 2024

Non-Verbal & Spatial Reasoning test - Saturday 21 September 2024

Both papers in the 11+ test need to be sat for a valid full score to be achieved.

Familiarisation Session

As part of the Year 7 Admissions Test, there is a familiarisation session which is not mandatory.  However, we do recommend that students attend this session to familiarisation themselves with examination conditions.  This is currently planned for Saturday 7 September 2024 at Bourne Grammar School, although some children will complete this at their Primary School prior to the formal assessment.  Confirmation of the location of the familiarisation session will be sent when registration is complete.

More information

More information on the tests and dates for admission in September 2025 can be found in the 11+ Useful Information page of this website. 

Alternatively, please contact Amanda Revell, Admissions Manager, at the School directly via 01778 422288.