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Third Annual BGS Pride

The LGBTQ+ group hosted the Pride Fest fundraiser for all students and staff, organised by our student and staff leaders, including our Sixth Form team, who organised the day alongside our many helpers.

The event was run during lunchtime, containing various stalls such as a bake sale, tombola, Pride related accessories like handmade keyrings and bracelets, carnival style games such as the popular sponge throwing, as well as an information stand with all the details on relevant terminology, our chosen charity and as always, we hand out free Pride stickers. The Pride fest was extremely well attended by both students and staff. All got involved in the stalls on offer: the bake sale stand run by our students and Mrs Greenfield was very popular, along with the tombola with Mr Somerville and crafts with Ms Sanders. We saw Pride stickers everywhere as our students and staff went around wearing them proudly. The carnival games were a hit yet again; the can toss was run by our students and Mrs Worrall, and our ever-dedicated teachers got involved as the targets of wet sponges, much to the delight of the students.

The crowd was heaving for this particular stall and there was many laughs and cheers to be heard. The teachers involved were happy to have a reprieve from the heat, although there were a number of ‘head shots’ throughout the event. Since its introduction last year, the sponge throwing was a firm favourite and we plan to repeat this again next year. The group thanks Mr Bowhill, Mr Graves, Mr Brooker, Mr Brown and Mr Green, and Miss Bowtell, Miss Hodge, Miss Smith and Miss Lindley for their bravery and welcomes them to come back next year! Perhaps Mr Hewitt can sit on our sponging chairs next year instead of joining us behind a fence and going for the sneak attack when he appeared mid-event - we all look forward to this!